Erasmus – Schulaustauschprogramm

Vier Lehrerinnen aus Spanien haben uns im Rahmen des Erasmuschulaustauschprogrammes besucht, bei uns hospitiert und Kontakte geknüpft. Hier sind ein paar Zeilen, die Elena über ihren Besuch bei uns geschrieben hat:

First of all we would like to thank all the teachers in your school who gave us the opportunity to enjoy observing how they work with the students.
All of them are great and the children are really lucky to have you. We feel we have been privileged teachers because you have shared a lot of things with us. From the nursery to the upper classes, we have experienced new ways of teaching  and learning, for example , how the little kids cook and enjoy gardening, playing in the woods and with the snow, and the year 7 students who write the Biology lessons by hand and draw fantastic illustrations and drawings or how they love storytelling and recite poems from memory. It is incredible to see how all the students have artistic talents, they do handicrafts, they normally play instruments, sing, and express their emotions and we have also discovered Eurythmy. All of us have observed how the students dance accompanied by live music, expressing emotions through movements and choreographies. For us, the job shadowing has been enriching and rewarding, and we are sure we will be able to implement some of the things we have learnt in your school.
Thanks for being so kind and welcoming, especially thanks to Birgit Schwab for making this possible.


Briefe aus Spanien

Die Kinder aus Spanien haben für unsere Schüler:innen Briefe geschrieben.
Im Englischunterricht hat jede:r unserer Schüler:innen einen Brief bekommen und durfte zurück schreiben.